low voltage electrical design and drafting services

Our commitment to design quality and drafting procedures ensure a complete package deliverable to satisfy your outsourcing needs.

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We specialize in low voltage electrical design and drafting
services covering various markets and system needs.

our committment

Our commitment to design quality and drafting procedures
ensure a complete package deliverable to satisfy your outsourcing needs.

We provide shop drawing designs, as-built drawings, product submittals, close-out documentation and low voltage technical consulting resources for multiple low voltage systems and markets.

Whether you have existing standards to be followed or if you require new drawing standards to be created, we will work together to provide the desired drawing package and content.

We are very sensitive to the demands of project schedules and hope you will provide an opportunity for BWardDesigns to impress you with professionalism and quality of services. We are experienced in coordinating designs and information with in-house engineering departments and architects/engineers. We also offer potential revenue generation based on review of engineered drawings for additional requirements not listed in the scope of work.

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BWardDesigns follows all currently adopted national codes
and jurisdictional requirements based on the location of the project.

Low-Voltage Design

A typical low-voltage design project package deliverable will include the following:

  • Engineered Bill of Materials
    List of equipment required for installation based on completed shop drawing design including equipment cabinets, mounting brackets, batteries, devices, device mounts, and other miscellaneous items not included in the original product submittal. This document increases purchasing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Shop Drawings
    Cover sheet with device and wire legends, floor plan drawings, large scales, riser diagrams, point-to-point control panel wiring layouts, applicable battery and voltage drop calculations, and device details. The drawings will be transmitted electronically in AutoCAD and Adobe Acrobat PDF format. We can provide hard copies of drawings, billed at our invoiced rate if requested.
  • Product Datasheet Submittals
    Equipment datasheets assembled in electronic PDF format for submission to engineering/architectural firms at the start of a project for approval.
  • As-built Drawings
    We will provide electronic as-built closeout drawings at the end of the installation based on field mark-ups and any variances to the original scope of work. This is typically included as an add service line item, if requested.

CAD and BIM Modeling

With our Architecture and Engineering industry background, we have the ability to provide support to other Design Firms that either have less expertise with digital design or is short staffed in the CAD/BIM department. Allow us to aid your designers and provide great efficiency and generate return on your investment. We use latest versions of AutoCAD and REVIT to ensure seamless coordination between our company and our clients. Our ability ranges across multiple disciplines that includes but is not limited to:

  • Low-Voltage
  • High-Voltage
  • HVAC

Design Consulting

A typical design consulting project package deliverable will include:

  • Schematic Design (SD Phase)
    Initial phase of the design which typically includes a system design narrative that outlines the overall intent of the design of the system.
  • Design Development (DD Phase)
    This phase starts the drawing package and contain general information for the legend / coversheet, device locations on site and floor plans, cable routing back to telecom closets, riser and one-line diagrams, schedules, and general details. In most projects, a probable cost of construction will be produced in this phase.
  • Construction Documents (CD Phase)
    This phase is a refinement of the Design Development phase where more detail is added so that construction can begin based on information on these drawings.
  • Construction Administration (CA Phase)
    During and after construction, this phase is initiated to ensure intended installation of the system that has been designed. BWard Designs will work closely with our clients to provide subject matter expert support on all Low-Voltage systems.